2021 MATLAB AI and FinTech Conference 2021 MATLAB®人工智慧與金融科技論壇 -ESG投資組合/深度學習/信用風險預測模型管理、AI投資/回測、Python整合




    存取資料 Data Access

  • Using Tables for Financial Data
  • 影片(9:00)Using the Database Explorer App
  • OverviewDatabase Product Features

    開發財務模型 Financial Model Development

  • 影片(4:12)Getting Started with Portfolio Optimization
  • 系列影片Machine Learning Applications in Risk Management
  • User StorySanlam Multi-Manager International Develops Dashboard for Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • ArticleSystematic Fraud Detection Through Automated Data Analytics in MATLAB
  • 影片(2:18)Exchange Data Between MATLAB and Excel
  • 影片(1:53)How to Execute a Custom MATLAB Function in Excel

    平行運算 Parallel Computing

  • Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
  • User StoryOlam CFSG Develops Trade Management System for Commodity and Derivative Markets
  • User StoryPZU Group Develops Market Risk Model for Solvency II Directive Compliance

    配置生產環境 Production Deployment

  • Enterprise IT Integration of MATLAB Programs
  • 影片(38:28)MATLAB Production Server for Financial Applications
  • 影片(3:07)How to Use MATLAB Production Server Interface for TIBCO Spotfire Software